Maybe I look at the NFL from a Fantasy Football point of view, but 2012 gave us some pretty incredible seasons no matter what 'your team' is. Here's 5 things that stood out to me:

1) Adrian Peterson-RB-Minnesota Vikings. AP had the best season in NFL history for a running back. I know he fell 9 yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson's record set in 1984. But Dickerson didn't do it nine months after major knee surgery either. No one knew what to expect after his December 20, 2011 surgery and NO ONE expected him to run for over 150 yards in seven games. And if he hadn't taken off a lot of the week 16 win resting an abdomen strain, he would've broken the record easily.

2) Calvin Johnson-WR-Detroit Lions. Not only was it the most dominant season by a running back but also by a wide receiver. He went for 1,964 yards this season, breaking the record set by Jerry Rice. Yes, THAT Jerry Rice. Nothing more needs to be said. Awesome job Megatron.

3) Rookie QB's. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis. Robert Griffin III, Washington. Russell Wilson, Seattle. Luck and RGIII went with the top two picks in the draft to bad teams. Wilson went in the 3rd round to another not-so-good team. All three are in the play-offs. Rookies are coming in more ready to play than ever and I've got a feeling that as long as this trip stays healthy, we're going to be talking about them all ten years from now too.

4) Alfred Morris-RB-Washington. If it wasn't for the year Adrian Peterson had, and the years from the rookie quarterbacks (all listed above) we wouldn't be able to stop talking about the 6th round draft pick who ran for over 1600 yards. Second in the NFL in yards and a would-be rookie of the year if not for the others. And back to fantasy football for a second, yeah, I snagged him in my draft, but had no idea he'd do this!

5) Parity is alive and well. While traditional powerhouses like the defending champion New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints are all watching the play-offs, the Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks, & Indianapolis Colts all have Super Bowl aspirations still alive. It all led to a historically bad year for Vegas bookmakers and a great year for betters.

It's been a great season...and the play-offs are just starting today. Enjoy it.