Tommy Morrissey is only 3 years old but could teach us a few things about overcoming adversity. He could also school most of us on the golf course with his talents. And his story is incredible.

Tommy was born without a right arm. His parents, Joe and Marcia admit they had heavy hearts when Tommy was born. But they soon realized that not focusing solely on the disability would help them navigate the challenge. At 18 months, when most kids would watch cartoons, Tommy would watch golf on TV. It wasn't long before Tommy was on the golf course with his dad.

"I do my best." ~ Tommy Morrissey

Tommy calls his arm "Nemo" named after the Disney movie. In it, Nemo is born with a short fin. His dad keeps telling Nemo that he can't swim as fast and strong as other fish but Nemo knows he can do it.

It wasn't long before Tommy's story was a national story. NBC's Today Show, and NBC Golf Morning Drive Show ran with the story. Tommy's favorite PGA golfer is Bubba Watson, who took notice of Tommy's story. He also had an opportunity to meet with more of golf's elites. He hit the driving range with Tiger Woods and had a heartwarming sit down with Arnold Palmer.

Watch the video to see Tommy shine on the golf course. It really is the story we all needed today.

Perhaps Tommy's dad's advice would be a good lesson for all of us when we face challenges. He simply reminds his son to "keep your head down and follow through."

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