Drivers in three South Dakota counties have a major detour in their future.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation has announced that a 12-mile stretch of South Dakota Highway 46, from U.S. Highway 81 to the west edge of the City of Irene, will be closed to through traffic beginning Tuesday, April 4.

That portion of the highway runs through Yankton, Clay, and Turner Counties.

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This is the final phase of the two-year project, which will include full roadway grading, replacement of the four remaining structures, interim surfacing, new signing, and intersection lighting at Highway 81 and Highway 46.

During the road closure, motorists will be detoured approximately ten miles north to U.S. Highway 18, via S.D. Highway 19 and U.S. Highway 81.

SD Highway 46 Construction Detours
South Dakota Department of Transportation

The closure and detours will remain in effect until the project is completed in mid-November.

The prime contractor for the $19.3 million project is Foothills Contracting of Webster.

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