Why on earth would companies invent and sell products which professionals say you should never use? The reason I ask this question is that I just read an article on things plumbers wish people wouldn't do and the number one thing is: use chemicals to open or clear drains.

Have you been down the bathroom product aisle lately? Drano is not the only unclogging product that offers a quick solution to the problem, there are tons of products on the shelves! Professional plumbers say that they are dangerous to use and can damage the equipment they use to clear your drain!

Here are a few other things that professional plumbers wish we knew:

  • You should know where the water main valve is in your house and where every emergency valve is located too. (Whenever I mention the "great flood of '94", this involved my ignorance of water main valves and the loss of a roll-off dumpster worth of stuff!)
  • Water heaters don't last forever! The average lifespan of a tank water heater is 8 to 12 years. (Although my landlord was kind of upset when my 32 year-old water heater bit the dirt a couple years ago. That had to be some kind of record, right?)
  • Change the water hoses on your dishwasher and washing machine every 5 years because they give no warning when they're about to burst. (Why doesn't someone invent & market hoses that do that, now that would be useful!)
  • Don't treat the toilet like a garbage can. Even if products are labeled 'flushable', most of these items don't disintegrate quickly enough and will ultimately lead to clogs. (Once again I ask- -they why produce and market these products at all??!!!)

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