The answer to the age old question "Why are women so attracted to rock stars" is finally out.

It's a scientific fact that most women long to have sex with rock stars. Even the hideous looking ones.

For instance, my wife is in love with Jon Bon Jovi. She'd leave me in a minute for Jon. I mean, look at him, then look at me, who could blame her right? At least I can take comfort in knowing she wouldn't kick me to the curb for Keith Richards or Gene Simmons.

So when Bon Jovi finally does come steal her away, at least I'll know why.

A group of scientists in England have finally solved the mystery as to why women are so infatuated with rock stars. 1,500 women recently took part in a study at the University of Sussex in England. Researchers had these ladies rate how attractive they felt musicians were, but at different points during their monthly cycle.

The first thing they found out was that women were very attracted to men with musical ability in general. Why? Because it was typically a sign of good genetics.

They also found when women were at their most fertile, they wanted to have a short-term fling with a musician.

When women weren't at their most fertile point, they still wanted a musician to take them across the threshold of ecstasy, but they were more interested in having a long-term relationship with the musician.

Basically what it boils down to, women always want to have sex with musicians. But when they're fertile, they don't care if that sex is a one-time-thing.