Out now is the Who's latest vault DVD, called Live In Texas '75. The show was videotaped during the Who's November 20th, 1975 concert at the Summit in Houston during the band's tour behind that year's The Who By Numbers album. The footage was shown on the Summit's in-house video system and features one of the band's classic forgotten songs -- the Pete Townshend-sung "However Much I Booze" -- a tune that the band only performed 11 times during the '75 dates before being permanently dropped from the band's repertoire.

Roger Daltrey, who's successfully pushed for the band to include rarities like "Tattoo" and "Slip Kid" in the band's setlists, admits that there's a fine line between rediscovering a lost classic and knowing when to let a track live only on record: "We are trying to do obscure stuff. But there is sometimes a good reason why those numbers are obscure -- they're just not quite as good as the other ones (laughs)! It doesn't mean that the songs aren't as good, I'm wrong there. What it means is that some songs exist much better in the studio, and when you try and put them on the stage they become a clumsy thing. Other songs just get on the stage and they just take a life."

Rarely has any song been more confessional than "However Much I Booze" -- or any of the others Townshend wrote from The Who By Numbers album. Townshend told us that he always felt that his work was one of a singular artist who adapted his material to fit the Who's structure: "Well, obviously, every writer, every individual that creates has to draw on their own experiences and when I set out to write songs -- I shoot from the hip. I don't actually write for any particular voice."

The Who North American tour dates (subject to change):
November 27 - Minneapolis, MN - Target Center