Well, here's a development we never would have expected (yeah, right): singer Scott Weiland has filed a multi-million dollar countersuit against his former band, Stone Temple Pilots, just one week after the group sued him. According to Rolling Stone, Weiland is seeking compensatory damages in excess of $5 million and an additional $2 million for each "willful use" of the Stone Temple Pilots name.

In his suit, which was filed Friday (May 31st), Weiland states, "How do you expel a man from a band that he started, named, sang lead on every song, wrote the lyrics and was the face of for 20 years, and then try to grab the name and goodwill for yourselves? You don't, but three of the instrumentalists from the band 'Stone Temple Pilots' tried."

Oddly, Weiland presents as evidence in his lawsuit the same partnership agreement cited by the band in their own lawsuit. Weiland claims that the 1996 agreement, amended in 2010, makes it impossible for the band to keep using the Stone Temple Pilots name without him.