When the NFL announced New Jersey's MetLife Stadium as the first cold-weather outdoor site for the Super Bowl, football die-hards reached a level of excitement they had never experienced before. Football's biggest game could finally be played in subfreezing temperatures, with a blizzard and wind-chills cold enough to freeze a $15 stadium beer. It's how football should be played, according to most fans and even many around the league.

But hold on a minute. The NFL announced Wednesday that the game could actually be moved to another day if the weather is too extreme. What? If the weather is too extreme? That's the whole point of playing it outdoors in New Jersey! The league now says that if the area is hit with a paralyzing winter storm, the game could be moved to an earlier or later date. It could even be moved to a weeknight. The NFL's vice president of events Frank Supovitz says they're hoping for snow during the game because it would make it historical, but not too much snow.

Corporate people (and yes, some fans) make their travel plans to be in a certain place on a certain date for the game. But now they're saying a winter storm could move the date of the game to a weeknight?!?!

As a life long fan of the Minnesota Vikings, I remember sitting in the stands of the old Met Stadium watching games while wearing a snowmobile suit, boots, gloves and drinking hot chocolate, while my heroes like Alan Page, Carl Eller, Jim Marshall and others didn't even have a heater on the sideline and would often play in short sleeves to intimidate the opponents. Could you imagine Bud Grant asking the NFL to move the game to another day because it's snowing or too cold?!?! No way in hell!

Suck it up buttercup! You wanted to put the biggest game in the world in the elements of New Jersey in February, deal with it!