In an unprecedented move, a Walmart in Cleveland is asking for food donations...for their own workers!

I think we all understand that in some areas of the country, the economy has been a little slow to recover. People are struggling everywhere. You see and hear stories like those here in Sioux Falls where Hy-Vee and the Faith Temple Church are giving away 1000 turkeys to needy families for Thanksgiving.

But Walmart, already notorious for employing large numbers of low wage workers and capping their hours, are now asking employees for food donations for their own underpaid staff.

Needless to say, residents are outraged but Walmart defended their stance by saying it's a way for workers to show how much they care for each other. (The food drive was meant to stay internal with employees helping other employees, but the Cleveland Plain Dealer caught wind of the drive and made it public)

Has your workplace ever done anything like this? Asked for donations to help feed other employees who are having a tough time? Here at our radio stations, we take up a donation every year during the season, but it goes to help needy kids and families in our community.

What do you think? Would you contribute to something like this if you were working there?