Coming on July 9th is the latest Jimi Hendrix "official bootleg" from Dagger Records being sold through Ultimate Classic Rock reported that Live In Cologne, which has been bootlegged numerous times over the years, is more of a historical curio for die-hards than an audiophile's delight, having been recorded on January 13th, 1969 in Cologne, Germany by a fan using a single microphone in the audience. Live In Cologne is being released on 180-gram vinyl with a digital download as a web exclusive.

Chicago co-founder and trombonist James Pankow says that of all the musicians who helped the band during their early days, it was Jimi Hendrix that did the most in launching the band. Pankow, who 46 years after starting the group is still out on the road, says that Hendrix picking them as his opening act pushed Chicago to the next level: "'Got discovered by Jimi Hendrix (who) took us on the road, gave us exposure that was invaluable. And record companies started bidding wars on the band because they recognized the original approach and the depth of the music enough that (they) felt it warranted it being recorded. Y'know, we didn't know anything. Writing music and playing it -- that's all we knew."