By now you may have heard that if you want to see The Rolling Stones in Newark, New Jersey next month, the tickets were priced at $845 for the best seats in the house down to $125 for the nosebleeds with $515, $295 and $190 in between.

Guitarist Ronnie Wood was not too pleased about being questioned about the price structure, saying, "We've already spent a million on rehearsing in Paris. And the stage is going to be another few million. And the lights. We feel no bad thing about ticket prices. We've got to make something."

The tickets for the two London shows later this month were no bargain either, but a little better than Newark. $685 was the top ticket price followed by $545, $415, $280 and $175.

A few observations:

1) All four shows are sold out, and did so in record time.

2) The Stones are arguably the greatest band, and the last of their kind. Their legendary status is only eclipsed by The Beatles, and since there is no way to ever see them again, the Stones will have to do.

3) Do the Stones need the money? No. Do they have to pay a staff that numbers in the hundreds? Yes.

4) It's us the fans who dictate what they can charge and since no one balked at the prices, then they can continue to charge and get their asking price.

5) This more than likely will be their last tour, so get them while you can.

6) The last Newark show will be broadcast on pay-per-view, so you can save a ton and still see the show.

7) And, no one is telling you that you have to spend the money and go. It's up to you.