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After Sandy Brook: A Plan to Repair What is Broken In Us
If I every buy a gun, it will be locked up in one place, ammunition in another. I will be more watchful of family and friends who seem to be struggling with the small and big stresses of life. My life has not and will not revolve around the trite, trivial, and trendy.
Steven Tyler Apologizes to Nicki Minaj
The drama between Steven Tyler and rapper Nicki Minaj may cool off after the Aerosmith singer issued an apology during a press event today. Then again, judging from the tone of Tyler's comments, things may not simmer. 'American Idol' producers must be loving the free media attent…
Steven Tyler: Idol Lawsuit
Apparently Steven Tyler's former management company feels they did not make enough money off their former star client as they have filed a lawsuit against his current lawyer, who they say botched his American Idol contract negotiation and cost Tyler a $6- to $8-million deal to return to the FOX…