Day two of the Viewpoint University Virtual S.D. Tourism Trip had us visit Vermillion and the National Music Museum. Cleveland Johnson, the head of the museum led us on a wonderful tour.

There are nearly 15,000 instruments to be enjoyed. Classical, Rock, Country, New Age, Jazz, Blues, and genres long forgotten or never realized make up the instrument selection.

The entrance fee gets you headphones with an ipad attached so you can enjoy the history and sounds of the instruments you are viewing. Pianos, harpsichords, guitars, cellos, and all other types of stringed instruments are on display. Horns of every conceivable, and maybe unconceivable variety can easily be seen. Harmonicas, accordions, and other unique methods of making music are also there. If you love drums, there are plenty to see.

Instruments from all populated continents are within the Museum wall.

According to Cleveland, there is no other museum in our region like it. A friend has told me this museum is like a miniature Smithsonian.

Admission is only $10 for adults, kids up to 18 are FREE. Discounts for seniors and military.

Hours are:   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 9-5pm Thursday and Friday 9-8pm and Sunday 1-5pm.

Here is the website for the National Music Museum in South Dakota.

I confess, in my over 40 years in this state, and numerous trips to Vermillion, I have not experienced this gem. That will change this summer. A great day trip will happen !!!!