Stevie Nicks says that she purposely held out signing on for a Fleetwood Mac tour until the time was right. It's been no secret that since the wrap of the band's 2009 trek that drummer Mick Fleetwood has been itching to get back on the road every year since. With both Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham currently riding high on solo projects, things eventually got tense between Fleetwood and Nicks over what he felt was her delay in order to serve her solo career.

Stevie Nicks says that letting fans miss a high profile act is crucial to building excitement for any major tour: "Y'know, you didn't just see us a year-and-a-half ago. So that when there's a lot of famous bands around and a lot of people out )on tour), you're gonna make a choice which ticket you're gonna buy. And if one of the bands you've not seen in three years, than that's going to be the top of the list. I think a big band like Fleetwood Mac needs to get out of the spotlight, and so, that's what we've done. And even if I hadn't released In Your Dreams in 2011, I would've still said we shouldn't go out until 2013."

Buckingham tells Rolling Stone that it was "fair enough" for Nicks to want to wait but that it did come as a surprise, as the band had already planned on touring last year. He explains, "There's no judgment on putting the tour off for a year, but it was a surprise to everyone. We had planned on it for a while, and she had planned on it. But things change, and that's a part of Fleetwood Mac. We're a moving target. We're a group of people who, you could make the argument, don't belong in the same band together. It's the synergy of that that makes it work."


In other Fleetwood Mac news, Nicks tells Rolling Stone that there is zero chance of Christine McVie rejoining the group. She explains, "I would say there's no more a chance of that happening than an asteroid hitting the earth. She is done. You know when you look in somebody's face and you can just tell? She doesn't want to do it anymore. She doesn't want to fly. She doesn't want to come back to America. When she left, she left. She sold her house, her piano, her car. She went to England and she has never been back since 1998, so it's not really feasible, as much as we would all like to think that she'll just change her mind one day. I don't think it'll happen. We love her, so we had to let her go.

Meanwhile Buckingham recently told CBS Local, "I would be shocked if [McVie] ever expressed any interest to do anything with us. Shocked and pleased."