In the 'me first' world we've become, there's always that one person who is completely oblivious to how they're affecting other people. Someone decided to do something we've ALL thought about doing, and it's caught on video!

It's OK to admit it. That person blocking the aisle at the grocery store with their cart on one side and them on a cell phone on the other, not caring that you can't get through to grab a gallon of milk, pisses you off.

The two people having a conversation in front of you at the fast food line and holding things up when they get to the front of the line because they didn't hear the kid asking for their order or they haven't even glanced at the menu during the wait. You'd love to say or do something.

You're three cars back at the shortest green light in town and STILL don't make it through because the car at the head of the line wasn't paying attention when the light changed. A little road rage comes out, doesn't it?

So when this lady is holding up a subway car from leaving because she won't shut up? This 15 second video shows that I'm not the only one who is sick and tired of the 'me first' mentality!