Already 2013 is looking a lot like 2012.

In this day and age of fewer and fewer of us taking real responsibility for what we do comes another convenient thing to blame the bad stuff on: Busy Life Syndrome (BLS).

So what is BLS?  Well, we’ve all had moments of absent mindedness that cause us to worry about what’s happening to our memory. Now we have something to blame those episodes on.

Scottish researchers coined BLS, which they say is caused by hectic lives bombarded with information overload from mobile phones, BlackBerrys, TV, radio and the internet. As a result of clinical trials, drug companies are creating a lucrative new business in “memory pills”.

And THAT is where we hit the bottom line, literally and figuratively.  If we're just forgetting things, oh well.  But if there's a bigger issue to blame, something with an impressive medical sounding moniker, like Busy Life Syndrome, then scientists can develop a pill and somebody can make a lot of money.

Yes indeed, the more things change, the more they stay the same.