Slash is so keen to move on with his solo career that he now issues journalists with seven rules ahead of interviews.

The no-go areas are designed to underline the guitarist is looking forward and not back as he begins work on this third album with his band, fronted by Myles Kennedy.

The New Zealand Herald reveals the rules are:

Guns N’ Roses is a topic that Slash can briefly touch on.

You can briefly discuss the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction – but only to the extent of the honour of that.

You can’t talk about the ceremony itself and Axl not showing up and their performance etc.

No questions about Axl whatsoever.

No questions about a possible Guns n’Roses reunion.

No “on the road” stories or historic infamous type stories based around Guns n’Roses.

There has to be a focus on what he’s doing now and forthcoming events/plans.

Slash says: “Since I grabbed the reins and took off on my own I have realised you don’t need confrontation and volatility to make rock’n'roll work. It’s about playing music and having fun.

“I had gotten so used to such a tumultuous reality that I was really inexperienced working in a situation where everybody just wants to get along and have a good time.

“It takes a lot of the unnecessary bullshit out of the experience – I work harder now than I have ever in my career. But at the same time it’s really enjoyable, because everybody’s on the same page. We just focus on the music.”