South Dakota has seen a huge surge in concealed carry permits in the last year. Now there will be a new pistol for those permit holders to that could hide in plain site.

The Ideal Conceal is a two-barrled .380 caliber pistol. Part of the phone body folds out to serve as a grip and exposes the trigger.

Kirk Kjellberg, the Minnesota inventor of the gun, came up with the idea after a boy in a restaurant spotted his concealed pistol and started yelling to his mother about it, attracting unwanted attention. That's where the idea for the Ideal Conceal came from.

It has also attracted the attention of Homeland Security over false concerns that it could get by metal detectors. The body is plastic while the barrels, trigger, hammers are not.

Kjellberg hopes to to have the new pistol out by October of this year. It will have a MSRP of $395.

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