In a perfect world, this street would have many different characteristics, but alas the distance man is from perfection measures in light years.  It’s not just the presence of a few potholes.  More than a patch is needed to set this street toward being a better path.

28th and Willow gets a light amount of traffic outside of school hours.  Edison Middle School is a couple of blocks away.  This is an area of Sioux Falls that is well seasoned, but not the oldest.  

Age, geography and underground infrastructure make this thoroughfare what it is.  All three of those factors would make improvements extremely expensive.  There are inlets for drainage at the intersection to the sewer system, but some revamping would likely play into any makeover.  The street slants toward the middle causing water to run down the street during rainfall.  Usually streets peak in the center diverting precipitation toward the curbs.  Thus water can come off of Western and flow down the hill toward 28th and Hawthorne.

Considering the amount of traffic and other pressing infrastructure needs across the city, it might take more than ten years to get this one on the master list of upgrades.  Fortunately, this street is up to the challenge of hanging on for a decade.  If the wait is shorter, it's for the good of those who frequent this stretch.