A 35 year old Sioux Falls mother is accused of beating her 15 year old daughter with a belt on Monday. The fight was said to be over a cell phone.

Accoding to the Argus Leader:

Flahn Nelly Quiah, of Sioux Falls, was arrested on one count of abuse or cruelty to a minor Tuesday evening after the scuffle with her 15-year-old daughter.The fight started in their apartment on the 3000 block of S. Louise Ave because the mother had taken away the daughter’s cell phone, police spokesman Sam Clemens said.  “Mom thought her daughter was on the phone too much,” Clemens said.  Quiah slapped her daughter during the argument, he said, and the daughter slapped her mother back. In response, the mother grabbed a belt and swung it at the teen, striking her in the arm.

The mother and the daughter, who both called 911. The mother was charged with child abuse.