Enticing these groups to have regional or national gatherings in Sioux Falls takes more than a phone call, email or slick brochure sent through the Postal Service.  Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Terri Schmidt says you have to go where the leads are and have a long-term outlook on success.   “The D.C. area has more national association headquarters than any other city in the country.  We came back with some great leads, we will follow up and try to book some business in Sioux Falls.”

Schmidt says the Sioux Falls contingent was impressive enough to potential clients that some additional networking took place.  “Two meeting planners (in particular) were so receptive that they pledged to bring (additional colleagues) to their meeting to hear the proposal.”

Schmidt says getting almost 20 extra leads with credibility in tow could really reap rewards down the road.  “It typically takes three years before you get a booking out of something like this.  At least we’ve introduced Sioux Falls to people who had no idea of what we had to offer.”  Eventually we will see if the tree bears fruit.