Yesterday (Thursday February 21) we had the story of a possible collaboration between Journey's Neal Schon and Carlos Santana. More details have come to light, and it appears Santana, like the Blues Brothers, is 'gettin' the band back together'

Carlos Santana is reuniting the original Santana band for his next album. This is what Journey's Neal Schon, a former Santana guitarist was referring to when he said he was recently been in touch with Carlos. The plan is to gather together all the musicians from the band's first three albums. "It will be like Santana Four because we stopped at Santana Three," says Carlos. In addition to Schon, Carlos says keyboardist and vocalist Greg Rolie, who left to form Journey with Schon, is also on board, along with percussionist Mike Carabello and drummer Michael Shrieve. Bass player David Brown died in 2000.

The plan for the album is to have it be an extension of the first three, says Carlos. "We have been checking out a lot of African music, African patterns. Each artist has his own thing that he listens to. Led Zeppelin listened to Otis Rush. Cream listened to Freddie King and Albert King. We all had someone that we listened to. It was a beautiful common ground for Santana to play African music."

The plan is to start recording at the end of the year with a release in 2014.