South African athlete Ernst Joubert plays rugby for Saracens, a professional team based in St Albans, England. From the looks of the picture below from the BBC's Dan Roan, someone mistook Joubert's face for the ball during his team's 27-16 win over Ulster in the Heineken Cup last weekend in Twickenham, England.

Broken noses are never pleasant, but occasionally a broken nose seems especially dislocated or swollen out of its defining shape. The broken nose suffered by Joubert makes it appear that there is a crease in his nose, dividing it into two horizontal sections, neither of which are in line with the vertical axis. Simply put: if a boxer looked like Joubert, they'd stop the fight.

Saracens won the match, so Joubert is smiling in the picture, but he may not be so happy about the plastic surgery that may be required to make his nose look more like it belongs on a human than a melted Mr. Potato Head doll.