Don't hold your breath, but Jimmy Page says he's thinking about doing some solo work next year.

Page has been saying for a number of years that he has plans for a solo project, but has yet to deliver. And he's once again hinting at something, saying the impetus has been the new Led Zeppelin concert film, Celebration Day. He says, "I’m starting to work next year... I’ll definitely be doing an album at that point in time... I want to be out there playing."

Page had hoped that Zeppelin's 2007 reunion would lead to more work together, but when Robert Plant opted out, Page tried to experiment with John Paul Jones, Jason Bonham and a number of singers, including Steven Tyler, but that also fizzled out.

On the solo front, Page has been the least active of the Zeppelin members.

Jimmy Page on his plans for 2013: "I'm starting to work next year, to be seen to be playing live. I’ll definitely be doing an album during that point in time. I want to be playing – I want to be out there playing."