The newly released book, The John Lennon Letters, features what appears to be the unfinished lyrics from a John Lennon song written around 1965 or 1966. In addition to the numerous letters, postcards, notes to his staff, and shopping lists, is the short set of lyrics written on the back of a postcard sent to George Harrison by a fan in Japan.

The lyrics to the unfinished John Lennon song are:

When a girl begins to be a problem
Pretty soon the girl must go
When they're gone you find at last
you love them
Pretty soon you want to know

Little girl I've come to say
And this time I just have to say
I love you

If she turns you down and rejected
Try again the best you can
Call to see her when you're least
Tell her now shell understand

The John Lennon Letters was edited by noted Beatles author Hunter Davies and features letters sent by the late Beatle to lovers, friends, family, and fans from every point in his life. The final manuscript was selected from a collection over nearly 300 letters and postcards.