That's Tad.  He's my 18 year old son.  He's a good hunter, and a pretty good shot.  He's also a senior at Washington high school here in Sioux Falls.  I bring 'that' up for good reason.

Hunting season is coming up.  Sunday afternoon to Monday morning can come by in a blur.  Cleaning birds, talking about the hunt with your friends.  Parents, and young hunters, here's a reminder.

Before you head off to school, or your young hunter heads off, remind them to make sure guns are not in the trunk/vehicle and to make sure they aren't carrying around any ammo.

In light of all the 'trouble' that's happened, let this simply serve as a reminder.  Hunt in the fields, 'leave your hunting gear' ALL of it... at home. Let's all be responsible hunters.

It's also a good reminder if you switch vehicles a lot.  Make sure if your student is using your vehicle that YOU leave it free of any firearms or ammo before they drive it to school.

Let's just 'think a little' and avoid any misunderstandings.

I'd love your feedback to this story.  And I'd love if you share this reminder with your hunting friends who have school age kids!