On Wednesday night (September 25th) Paul McCartney appeared at The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles (SCLA), during its 23rd Annual Simply Shakespeare Benefit reading of The Two Gentlemen Of Verona. "Macca" joined fellow readers Tom Hanks, his wife Rita Wilson, and William Shatner, among others for the performance, with all proceeds from the event supporting the SCLA and its arts based veterans employment and youth employment programs for inner-city youth and arts education in local schools. Tickets were priced between $1,500 and $6,000.

According to reports posted by Beatles Examiner, McCartney portrayed Elgamour in the play, and over the course of the night, he performed several songs backed by Jackson Browne's band -- most of which pertained to the storyline and featured him sitting on a stool without an instrument, including "Live And Let Die," the live premiere of his 1982 Tug Of War track "Dress Me Up As A Robber," a humorous duet with William Shatner on "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" -- with Shatner reciting the verses and McCartney singing the choruses, "I Saw Her Standing There" -- with Christina Applegate gyrating as Martin Short joined them as his classic character Ed Grimley.