I might not be an online dating guru, but I have been doing it for awhile so I would say I am becoming somewhat of an expert on it. Mainly to tell you the do's and don'ts. I have noticed a large increase of messages and winks since the new year. I'm sure it's because of the holidays being over and people realize the holidays suck when you are single. Studies show that the beginning of January is the busiest time of the year for online dating so update your profile!

Here are some tips to get attention and show you are serious. I will take a guy serious if they pay for use of the site. The free ones many times are a joke and they don't say "Hey, I am looking for a relationship" in fact I get the most ridiculous and obnoxious messages from the FREE sites.

The wink. If you are going to wink and the other person wink's back, SEND A MESSAGE. Follow it up, if you winked you are interested.

READ their profile and make sure you are what THEY are looking for. IF you are not on the same page of what each other want it won't end up working.

BE PICKY! It may suck being single but it will suck more to date someone that you aren't into. I hate time wasters.

PICTURES! Put up a picture! I won't date or even talk to someone without seeing what they look like and make sure they are recent and put several of them on!

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