A measure that would allow individual school districts to decide whether guns could be used for protection sailed through the South Dakota House of Representatives on Tuesday.  The vote was nearly 2 to 1 in favor of the bill which now will be considered by the Senate.  Then if passed by both bodies, Governor Dennis Daugaard would have to sign the legislation before the law is enacted.

At issue is the South Dakota Legislature giving school districts the option of using guns for protection.  In no way does this mandate that someone has to protect school grounds with a firearm.  However, since the Sandy Hook tragedy there is heightened awareness to protecting children in schools and using expedient means such as a gun is one of the options.

This is a discussion worth having because supporting and opposing views have strong arguments.  When the bill went through the House education committee, the measure advanced by one vote.  On one side, people would like the option of having someone armed to guard against a worst-case scenario.  The other side says the risk of a gun in a school setting is too great and danger increases just having the weapon available.

It is simply appalling that we have to have this conversation.  However, our world that we live in is far from perfect and evil exists.  When good people do nothing then forces of darkness prosper.  Nonetheless, what is in the past cannot be undone. Going forward, a group of men and women in a legislative body want to wage a battle against malice.  If the goal is to protect, then we all should step forward to serve in a role of guardianship.