Go ahead say it. Winter kind of sucks.

I was on my way to work this morning when I decided to stop. Don't get me wrong, this picture has 'nothing to do' with the owner of this particular property. I took the pic to simply make a point. This winter has gone on long enough and some people are getting the brunt of the seasons ugliness.

Case and point. I have a neighbor lady across the street who we shovel snow for. Now, she lives on an east west street. We made the mistake 'in November' of shoveling to the north. Big Stupid Mistake on our part!  The other day when Sioux Falls picked up less than an inch of snow, we were left with a drift across most of her driveway over two feet high. (I might exaggerate a bit, but bear with me.)

The picture above, that I took with my Samsung Galaxy S4 that I use courtesy of Sprint, shows what many people already know!  A little snow, and a little wind creates big piles quickly.

I'm not complaining. Sioux Falls has gotten by easy this year. This afternoon we hear of winter time hell on the east coast. Earlier this winter, ice storms and crazy winter conditions paralyzed much of the southern United States. Last week it was snow and ice in Atlanta and kids having to spend the night at school. Just this afternoon it was snowing in Abilene.  Texas!

Yes, I'm ready for spring. I'm ready for longer days and more time to catch up around the outside of the house and in the garage. I'm even more ready for warmer temperatures and rain.

I could go on. The weather has an effect on all of us. The folks in agriculture are wanting snow for the moisture. But wait, calving season is already starting for some. Weather, creates obstacles and hassle.  It also creates something for all of us to talk about. You know. Conversation starter.

So, the next time Jay Trobec or Brandon Spinner or Shawn Cable talk about 1 inch?  Depending on how your house or sidewalk is situated, you might want to keep some gas in that blower and the shovel handy.