Ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic has blogged about playing with his old bandmates and Paul McCartney.

Novoselic writes about their jam session in the studio for Dave Grohl's Sound City movie, which inspired "Cut Me Some Slack." He says, "It was so exciting to play with Paul. I became seized with thoughts, for I hadn’t played like that with Pat [Smear] and Dave since the last Nirvana show in 1994. Wow, it was emotionally and musically heavy! Some other things brought me back; there was a lefty on guitar who was a heck of a songwriter. Anyway, words can’t really describe it and I returned to the task at hand. A new song was born! And that’s about it. That’s all it is -- a new song by some players who have doing it for a while.”

Novoselic adds that his favorite name for the collaboration is "Sirvana," a play on McCartney's British royal status.