(Dan Peters/KSOO)

As the Sioux Falls School District unveiled their rendering of what the new consolidated elementary school was going to look like at 28th and Dakota, the aspect of name popped up.

The school that currently resides on that parcel of property is Mark Twain Elementary.  Whether that moniker stays with the new building remains to be seen.  Students at Jefferson and Longfellow Elementary schools will be consolidated into that one location.  Sentiment being what it is, there will be a strong feeling attached to the bestowing of a name.

Mark Twain is a good choice, though it already is being called “The New Mark Twain Elementary.”  A consolidated name won’t work because JefferTwainFellow or LongMarkSon is a disaster.

(Courtesy SDSU Foundation)

A new name for a new school is another avenue with many worthy candidates to have their name affixed to the building.  However if there is a push to have it named Jim Woster elementary, expect the ghosts of Lyman County to surface.  A haunting they will go.

If you are not familiar with Woster, he was employed by the Sioux Falls Stockyards for many years and has been civically involved with many aspects of the community.  Woster would politely decline any serious effort to have an elementary school named in his honor.  However a silly and half-hearted attempt would draw a chuckle and a witty retort.