On Friday (April 5th), the 19th anniversary of the 1994 death of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer unveiled a number of never-before-released photos taken at the scene on the day his body was found. Although none of the photos are as disturbing as the picture of Cobain's body, taken from the waist down, that went around the world shortly after his death, there are several pictures of emergency personnel carrying his corpse out of his home in a body bag.

Other photos show different angles of the building -- a garage with a greenhouse on its second level -- in which Cobain killed himself with a single shotgun blast. Additional pictures focus on fans mourning his death in the days after his body was found.

Although medical examiners determined that Cobain died on April 5th, his body was discovered by an electrician three days later on April 8th -- 19 years ago today.