When I first found out that I was going to have a baby, my mind went through a whole world of thoughts.  Of course I wanted to have a baby that was healthy.  (That should be the first thought that goes through any new mom's mind.) But the next thought I had was, "I sure hope it's a boy!"  And it was!

The second time I found out I was going to have a baby, it was pretty much the same routine.  I would say silent prayers that my baby would be healthy, but then again...please let it be a boy.  And, again, it was!

I had always said that I would be a much better mom to boys rather then girls.  Personally, when I was growing up, I was never much of a "frilly, dress-up, ribbons and bows" kind of girl.  So that also helped me in my decisions to always want to have little boys, rather than little girls.

But I also consider myself to have a sense of humor.  So when I found this video of a girl in her early teens who is trying to be just like her other friends, my first thought was, "Geez!  I really wish I would have had a girl!"  This mom quickly becomes my hero!

In this video, the girl is upset because all of her friends have already gotten....their friend.  (If you know what I mean.)  So, not wanting to be left out of the 'Cherry Slush Club', she decides to fake it, with results she probably wasn't expecting.

Now don't get me wrong.  I would have been HORRIFIED if my mom would have done this to me!  And I'm not even sure if the product that the video is selling is real!  But either way, as a woman, the references made in this video are hilarious.

One quick piece of advice for you.  If you are a male and get squeamish about such things as "female problems", "that time of the month" or any words that begin with the letter V,  you might not see the humor in this.  BUT, for the females, this is totally entertaining!