If you think your son is the only Messiah or King, think again. New data from Social Security data reveals that the name Messiah rose 246 spots on 2012 list of the one-thousand most popular names in the U.S. Dr. Jean Twenge says this spike in popularity represents the narcissistic name trend that's happening. Twenge says, "The way people parent their kids has shifted. At one time there was the idea that you raise the child with the lesson that the world does not revolve around them and now we raise them that it does." The Social Security report also noted that the name King rose in popularity by 133 spots on the list, which means it beat out the name Johnathan. It does actually get worse, it turns out in 2012 there were 51 kids named Beautiful, 14 named Gorgeous, 12 named Boss, 11 named Amazing, and six named Awesome.

I'm all for individualism, but naming your kid "Boss" or "Gorgeous" is starting them off on a really bad foot in my opinion. Would you name your child "King" or "Messiah"?