Fans of Wednesday night's (December 12th) Paul McCartney and Nirvana team-up will be able to get their hands on studio version of the track soon. The tune, called, "Cut |Me Some Slack," which McCartney premiered at Madison Square Garden's Hurricane Sandy benefit with Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear, has been recorded in Los Angeles and will pop up on the soundtrack to Grohl's documentary on L.A.'s famed Sound City studio, released on February 1st.

McCartney explained that at this stage of his career, how he's perceived as an artist is pretty much irrelevant to him or his work: "I'm not really fussed about what I am now. Y'know, 'cause I've been a lot of stuff I wanted to be. So, y'know, if I was ever trying to become a title -- 'a rock and roller' -- well, y'know, I don't think of myself as anything in particular. Y'know, obviously, as you get older it gets harder to be a punk. But I'm not really fussed about that, 'cause I think it'd be, like, daft to suddenly really try to be 15-years-old. So I have to accept to a degree what I am, y'know? I think of myself, basically, as a sort of rocker, who can write ballads as well."