Everyday struggles can sometimes get the best of us. Most of us live day-to-day just trying to get through until tomorrow, and then we repeat the same, mundane, routine cycle that we have become accustomed to living in.

I feel that this is how depression sets in, and then all of a sudden you wake up one day and feel stuck and resentful.

Well, let me tell you, I have been there, and I know that there is a way to turn this around.

We’ve all heard the old saying, “If life throws you lemons then make lemonade.”  Well, I like to take that a step further.

Why just stop at lemonade?  Boring! Try adding some extra sugar and make a sugar scrub!

Don’t just settle for what is thrown at you, meaning create something out of what seems like not much. Create something out of everything you get and find a way to allow it to nurture your soul.

Sitting in the county office, embarrassed, scared, and feeling somewhat ashamed, I found my self in a place I did not think I would be in. I felt like I was dealt a dirty hand that I could not get out of.

I had suddenly lost a well paying job, and was already living in a run down apartment with my two young daughters and I went to the county office to ask for a loan so that I could pay my rent and avoid eviction.

While I was sitting there, I started to panic and cry because I realized that my younger daughter had lice and thought how was I going to get rid of this too?

An amazing thing happened to me that day. I was denied the loan. I was told that I had to be without income for two months and have already been served an eviction notice.

"What?" I thought. "This is what I am trying to avoid."

I could have accepted this and not worked and waited for an eviction to receive assistance, but I didn’t. Instead I got busy, got determined, focused and got a plan to get us out.

I worked two and three jobs, saved my money as best as I could and was able to find one solid job working nights and moved my daughters and I to a smaller town, into a nice home and more stable environment.

My point in this is that I chose to utilize what was around me and refused to accept the dirty hand that was dealt to me.  Instead I grew from it.

Let’s imagine that you are thrown in a mud pit and told that this is your dwelling for a while and to get used to it. Your neighbor next to you has been in the mud pit for two years already. The neighbor has accepted her muddy life, and feels that it doesn’t get any better than this and is very negative.

You on the other hand are equipped with certain knowledge and skills and the bottom line is that you are too busy focusing on what you can create with this mess rather than become angry and unhappy about being in the mess.

So, you start creating mud pies, mud wraps, facials, anything you can with your mud and pretty soon, your sparkling with inner strength and realize that you have worked your way through the mud while utilizing all that you could with what you had.

Don’t be the victim.

Refuse to sit in your 'victimness.' Don’t get comfortable in the mud.

By figuring out how you can turn it around to be a survivor, empowers you to do so much more with your life. When your in a similar situation down the road, you will have the skills and knowledge on how to get through it and know not to listen to the ones that live in negativity and accept this as their forever dwelling.

We all have the inner strength, vision, creativity, and resourcefulness to create whatever it is that we desire, we just need to learn to tap into that and listen.

Resources are available for single parents and are there to help: