John Fogerty has signed a deal with publishers Little, Brown and Company for his autobiography due out next year, according to Billboard. Fogerty explained, "I haven't really decided on the (co-) writer yet. I need a collaborator. If you get me to sit down and write a letter, that's an accomplishment. E-mail was invented for guys like me. Actually a lot of work has been done because I talked in the years past to other people and got it all recorded and transcribed, even, and that'll be the raw material that the right person will digest and then go, 'Yeah, that's fine, now let's start over. . .' "

Although Fogerty has dealt with divorce, estrangement from his late brother Tom Fogerty, his other Credence Clearwater Revival bandmates, and their label boss -- he promises that he's not going to stir up the dirt for the new memoir: "This is not going to be that sort of tawdry, supermarket kind of thing. If there's any names of people in my life who have been close friends, lovers, all of that, who are invisible, it's gonna stay that way. I'm not looking for the big reveal or to get a lot of stuff off my chest or anything like that."