Is a new Rolling Stones studio album in the cards for 2014??? Both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards spoke to Classic Rock magazine about the band's recording work 50 years on. Richards explained that last year's sessions for "Doom And Gloom" and "One More Shot" for the GRRR! compilation surprised the band, who came in cold, but still played at the top of its game: "We banged them out in Paris. I don't think the Stones have ever cut a track so fast. It was like three takes and boom! We were looking at each other and going: 'Got anything else?'"

Jagger maintains that it's definitely a plus when the band is all on the same page, as they were for the recent Paris sessions, but explained that the heavy lifting comes a bit after the camaraderie: "The recording studio is just a great big tool, so you want the musicians playing wonderfully well, getting on together, agreeing about everything. It's quite easy with the Rolling Stones, who have done it for so long. But then after that you got to do your overdubbing, so it really isn't like going in and thrashing it out and walking out the door. It's not like that."