Hey, go ahead and open that gate, I'll just drive through.

It's like yesterday. I can remember Bill McPeek telling me. No, taunting me to get out and try. I remember trying, and the black and blue on my shoulders.

If you grew up on a farm or ranch you probably have had your share of a scuffle with a fence that's just a bit too tight for any human being to open. I know for fact that when you see two pickups parked together on a gravel road there is a 43.4% chance that there are two guys chuckling over some gate they strung so tight you couldn't get into it with a Chevy 4x4 and a bolt cutter. I borrowed that line from P.J. Olson. 

I've often wondered how these guys can get a wire that tight, a gate that un-Openable. Is that even a word? Un-Openable? Turns out there is method to the madness. Chato Edoff looks to be building the tightest gate.  EVER!

So, when I saw this picture on Facebook SUnday (June 26) on P.J. Olson's feed I had to share. Seems custom fence builder Chato Edoff knows how to build em. And how to build em to keep em out. Or in.

This one looks like it's got 'phone a fried' written all over it!

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