Every year, the winter months seem to drag on and on and on. Here in southeastern South Dakota, northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota, it's mainly been the cold snaps keeping us in the doldrums (although there's a few inches of snow in the forecast for this weekend for us)

But in central and northern Minnesota, they have been pounded with snow over and over and over all winter long, in fact several areas just last week picked up anywhere from 8-18 inches of fresh snow causing the interstates to be closed due to seven FOOT drifts!

Meanwhile on the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota, where winter feels like it is 10 months long (and that ain't far from the truth for those of us who have been there!) two young men identified only as 'Shanesaw' and 'Scuba Steve' decided that they simply couldn't wait one minute longer for the weather to be nice enough to go to the pool or beach, so they invented 'snow swimming' in their front yard.

I watched the 30 second video and immediately put on a sweatshirt and another pair of socks! haha