Facebook is no longer everyone's favorite social media darling. Experts say that interest in Facebook has peaked, and that the site could lose up to 80-percent of its users by 2017.

Researchers from Princeton University used theories on the spread of disease and Google Trends data to predict when the world's largest social network will kick the bucket.

The researchers explain that everyone who joins a social network expects to stay on it forever, but that "ultimately lose interest as their peers begin to lose interest."

One expert says that simpler social networks such as Twitter and Snapchat will replace Facebook.

We know the younger generation drives trends like social media and I've seen several reports that say young adults and especially teens are leaving Facebook in droves because their parents and even grandparents are on it. I admit that I still really enjoy this form of social media to keep in touch with friends, see what's going on in the city, meet new people, share ideas and more, but with restrictions and changes in the way Facebook is operating (less people seeing what you post as a business or even not seeing all your friends posts show up in your newsfeed) is definitely making it a less desirable site.

How often do you check your Facebook? Has your usage gone up or down over the past six months? Is it really just another fad??