Initiated Measure 2 is a proposal to replace the pool at Spellerberg Park with another outdoor pool at the same location.  On April 8, Sioux Falls voters will decide whether to accept or reject this plan.

The impetus behind this effort is a group of neighborhood folks near Spellerberg Park at 26th and Western Avenue who realize the current pool needs to be replaced and have a specific idea of what kind of aquatic facility should be there.  On the other side are people from the immediate area and elsewhere who feel an indoor facility would be the right fit for the city of Sioux Falls.

Paula Johnson is part of the group Save Spellerberg Park who helped bring this effort to a vote.  “We just want to replace our current outdoor pool with another outdoor pool.  It will still serve the neighborhood like it always has and we think that’s an excellent fit for our park and our neighborhood.”  A recent aspect that Save Spellerberg Park is pursing for this project is a more natural park which reduces the amount of chemicals used in the water for the pool and amenities.

Community Swim 365’s Suzie Patrick holds the opinion that an indoor pool at that location would serve the community better.  That can’t happen in Spellerberg Park if Initiated Measure 2 passes.  “We are advocating for an indoor public pool for the community of Sioux Falls.  A no vote on the outdoor pool will get us back on the path toward an indoor pool for Sioux Falls.”

Both sides agree that the current pool has outlived its useful life.  Johnson says the integrity of the park is at stake.  They would like to keep as much grass as possible and preserve the sightlines.  “We wanted to be sure there was green space.  The city would put in (a lot) of cement.  Most of which would be a 22 foot two story building.  Twelve of those feet would rise above the crest of the hill.  Little patches of grass around that really doesn’t constitute a park.”

Patrick counters that the proposal is unwise.  “Spending $7.5 million to put another outdoor pool at that location is wasteful.  There are plenty of outdoor facilites to service central Sioux Falls.  What the community really needs is year-round recreation for all ages.  That’s something that an indoor public pool will provide in a centrally located spot.”

Your vote will decide so listen to the debate between those who are for and against the initiated measure.

Segment 1: The current pool and what the future holds for each side.

Segment 2: Parking concerns hold sway over the discussion.

Segment 3: The public weighs in to ask questions of the panel.

Segment 4:  More public input and the final plea from Save Spellerberg and Community Swim 365.