This is life in Maui. We go every year without fail for at least two weeks.

Do you take a vacation regularly? What I mean by regularly, is at least once a year.

If you do, I salute you because you are a wise person. If you don't, you're failing to treat yourself to what you deserve.

Life goes by mighty fast and the sad part is that you can't go back and relive it. You need to give yourself a break from everything and just relax and enjoy life.

For many people, and I was one myself at one time, it's for some reason hard to stop working for a week or two. It seems impossible to simply shut down the work and go play.

There's absolutely nothing impossible about it. Simply schedule it and do it.

You will be doing yourself some good. And when you come back, you'll work better than when you left.

It does magic to your body and your mind to let yourself recharge. You will feel a sense of sadness when your vacation comes to an end, and that's the best part of all. Because if you plan to go again the next year, it will give you even more energy when you go back to work because you'll be looking forward to it and it gives you better reason to work hard so you can go again.

Choose a spot and get it booked. Schedule it with your job and start budgeting for it now.

As far as being able to afford it, you can if you plan a year ahead each time and figure out how to regularly set money aside. If you wait and try to pay for it all at once, now you're making it impossible.