I find it comforting that one of the baddest men in Hollywood, Samuel L. Jackson, lists his mentor as another one of the coolest (and best voices) in Hollywood: Morgan Freeman.

Jackson celebrates his 64th birthday today and has a vibrant career in movies, voice over work and more.

He's appeared in over 100 movies in his career, but it was 1994's 'Pulp Fiction' when he played Jules Winfield that shot him to superstardom with SO many memorable lines and a wallet that has the words "Bad Motherf#%*er" stitched into it.

He's now Nick Fury in the Avengers and Iron Man films and has even voiced a VERY NSFW reading of the 'children's' book "Go The F#%* to Sleep" that you can watch below, AFTER your kids go the f#%* to sleep. Happy Birthday Sam!