Happy Birthday to Meat Loaf, who turns 65-years-old today (September 27th)!!! Throughout the years, Meat Loaf has given conflicting reports as to the actual date of his birth -- not out of vanity, but as a general payback to an at times harsh rock press. When we asked him what year he was born in, he said: "Anywhere from '46 to '54, take your pick. When I'm doing press, I make up stories, 'cause what's the difference in me making up stories, or their making up stories? So I figure, if they can do it, why can't I?"

Meat Loaf is touring behind his latest album, Hell In A Handbasket. The album, which is his followup to 2009's Hang Cool Teddy Bear set, features appearances by rapper Chuck D. on "Blue Sky/Mad Mad World/The Good God Is A Woman And She Don't Like Ugly," along with a reunion of his fellow Celebrity Apprentice cast mates -- Trace Adkins, Lil Jon, and Mark McGrath -- on "Stand In The Storm." On October 16th, he'll release his new concert DVD, called The Guilty Pleasure Tour.

Despite some well-received work of the years, Meat Loaf will always be best remembered for his 1977 blockbuster, Bat Out Of Hell. He told us that the album has grown beyond a successful '70s album into a full-blown cultural phenomenon: "It's no longer about me. It belongs to you, and you create your own stories, and you create your own place in time for that record. Everything is geared so that when you hear it, you're funneled right into that speaker, and it becomes a visual of your life as opposed to a visual of my life."

UPDATED: Meat Loaf tour dates (subject to change):
October 19 - Prior Lake, MN - Mystic Lake Casino