A sold out crowd at The District in Sioux Falls Wednesday night were treated to a pre-Thanksgiving feast of rock and roll courtesy of two fantastic tribute bands: Hairball and Rock n Roll Damnation.

Sioux Falls' own Rock n Roll Damnation is a fantastic AC/DC tribute band that you've seen headline Hot Harley Nights and venues across the region. They opened the night with a blazing hour-long set and set the tempo tearing through hit after hit before closing with "Highway to Hell" and leaving the capacity crowd hot. sweaty and wanting more.

Luckily, we didn't have to wait long as Minneapolis-based Hairball hit the stage for a two hour set covering OUR music.

The band opened with Van Halen's "Unchained" and rocked so hard, they must have blown a fuse or a power grid as there was a short delay before they were plugged in and amp'd up again to do "Panama" that had the whole crowd singing along.

Photo Courtesy of Bob Uecker

Hairball's next mini-set was AC/DC and again while doing "You Shook Me All Night Long", the crowd was actually out-singing the band!

And speaking of the crowd, it's awesome the way so many people embrace the 80's vibe of the band and dress in their hair band best from the day and MANY women in the audience busted out their hair crimpers, aqua net, leggings and off the shoulder sweatshirts. When Hairball comes to town, EVERYONE comes to party!

Hairball ran through mini set after mini set of some of the biggest names in rock from the 70's and 80's like Ozzy, Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, KISS and even Prince.

If you're one of the few who have yet to experience Hairball live in concert, do yourself a favor and get a ticket next time they come through Sioux Falls because they ALWAYS deliver a great night of high energy rock and roll.

And if last night was any indication, you'll want to get your tickets in advance as The District sold out in advance. Maybe Sioux Falls is finally starting to 'grow up' a bit in that regard. We've always been a 'wait to see what else is going on' before committing to a show or deciding the day of and always being able to get a ticket at the door.

With a great new venue like The District (and many OTHER great venues in town that continue to bring in great entertainment, including the soon to be opened new Arena) people are going to have to learn to buy tickets in advance, or risk sitting at home and reading about the shows on the internet.

Photo Courtesy of Bob Uecker
Photo Courtesy of Bob Uecker