Its not the most traveled path, but the course has been made for others to follow.

The path from the Summit League to the NBA isn't a easy one, but there may be more players with NBA experience from the Summit League than you would expect.

The Summit League was established in 1982 and as it is in many non-manjor conferences, the landscape has changed over the years.

So some of the teams listed with the current players are not current members of the Summit League but at one time they were when the players were in competition in college.

Take a look at the names.

Tony Bennett - Green Bay

Keith Benson - Oakland

Bryce Drew - Valparaiso

Kevin Duckworth - Eastern Illinois

Winston Garland - Missouri State

George Hill - IUPUI

Jim Les - Cleveland State

Rawie Marshall - Oakland

Logan Vander Velden - Green Bay

Jeff Nordgaard - Green Bay

Clinton Smith - Cleveland State

Donald Whiteside - Northern Illinois

Nate Wolters - South Dakota State