Former USD professor Michael Myers, is seriously thinking about running as an Independent for Governor in 2014.

Myers taught elderlaw for over two decades at the University in Vermillion. He retired in June. His life has been filled with interesting jobs, including John Morrell, a photo and writer journalist for the Argus Leader and Sioux City Journal. He served during the Korean War, was the CEO at the Mayo/St. Mary Clinic in Rochester, and finished his career at USD.

During his appearance on KSOO'S Viewpoint University Thursday, he took pride in comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable in the healthcare field. Myers said, if he runs and wins he will be an "Activist Governor" challenging us to look at issues in new ways, and trying new approaches to complicated issues.

I have known Mike Myers for nearly a decade. He is a robust man, with a deep voice, and steely blue eyes. He doesn't look his age. In fact he looks about 65, but is in fact the same age as the new pope, 77.

He is very smart, without being arrogant.. His involvement with healthcare, the elderly, and students could be the perfect combination to propel him into the Governor's Chair.

If he choses to run, he will be one of two or three independents in state history to make the attempt.

To contact Professor Michael Myers his phone number is:  605-659-4681