Fleetwood Mac has recorded some new music, including an old Buckingham Nicks song, and according to Stevie Nicks, she and Lindsey Buckingham are mulling over the idea of a Buckingham Nicks tour for next year.

Stevie told Rolling Stone that they have talked about reuniting Buckingham Nicks for their 40th anniversary in 2013 to perform the entire Buckingham Nicks album. She said, "It would be a trip to bring it back with Waddy Watchtel and some other people from San Francisco. It would be trippy for Lindsey and I to revisit those songs."

Stevie says a tour would make sense especially if Buckingham Nicks is re-released. She said, "This might not just be the year of Fleetwood Mac, but we might throw in the Buckingham Nicks album for a special, sparkly, extra present."

Stevie also said Fleetwood Mac has recorded a total of three new songs, but she's not sure what they're going to do with them at this point. She points to the changing times as her main concern for releasing new material saying, "The music business is very different right now. I don't understand it. I don't have Internet. I don't have a MySpace Face page. I don't have all that and I don't want it. Nobody is really interested in buying albums with 14 songs on them anymore. It breaks my heart, but that's the way it is and I have to accept that. Maybe the thing to do is release five or six songs at some point during the year. . . I don't really know. I'm so not a part of today's music scene . . ."

Fleetwood Mac hits the road in April with dates booked through June.